Why “Website Management”?

A lot goes into designing, building and launching a website. Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, it might take months or years until your new website finally sees its first visitor. But what happens after the digital dust has settled and the website rides off into the future? How does your new website perform and evolve over time? Who’s at the wheel?

At Tenrec, we manage websites. Taking care of everything from server updates and web programming to content entry and search engine optimization.

We can provide a full website team to your organization or individual resources to fill in when you have a specific need.

What do you want from your website… ?


Security is a top-to-bottom exercise. From the set up of your hosting environment to the behavior of each person in your organization, there are vital security safeguards that can help keep your organization and its data safe.

At Tenrec our focus is on keeping your websites and web servers; databases and database servers; applications and end users safe and secure. We monitor all the sites we host 24 hours a day and seven days a week. And we mitigate attacks and security breaches when they happen.

Our security toolbox includes:

  • Hardware firewalls
  • Web application firewalls
  • Site and network activity monitoring
  • Content delivery network
  • Security awareness training
  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems
  • Site penetration testing tools


We understand that the goal of your website is to achieve your business objectives. For most organizations that means growth, acquiring new customers, increasing brand awareness and disseminating core messages to larger and larger audiences.

We design, develop and manage websites and web applications to meet your goals and to grow your business.


Stability is not sexy. But surprises are not what you want from your website or other online resources. At Tenrec we’ve spent years engineering our hosting environment, processes and monitoring systems to deliver consistent, boring, stable web hosting and management services. And that’s entirely exciting to us.


How do you want your website to stand out from the crowd? What will ‘wow’ your audience and convert them into customers?

For over 20 years Tenrec has been innovating and extending our clients’ digital marketing programs and exceeding their expectations. We collaborate with our clients and their design partners to develop exciting and unique experiences, incorporating data visualization, personalization, localization, social media feeds, virtual reality content and other techniques.


Who is visiting your website? What content is performing well? What do your customers want?

Your website is where your organization and your target audiences come together. The interactions and activity that take place on your website are measurable and they are critical. We can help you gain a clear vision of how your content is performing, where visitors are coming from and where they’re going, and where to focus your efforts.


Today’s websites and online applications are richer, more image-centric and bandwidth-intensive than in years past. And yet consumers of web content are more speed-focused and performance-sensitive than ever before.

One of our core services is improving and optimizing the performance of our clients’ websites and web-based resources. We address everything from page load times to search engine rankings and general usability.


Website requirements are evolving. New data privacy laws, a renewed focus on accessibility and the need for ever tighter security protocols have led to a host of regulations affecting business websites. Tenrec will help your organization comply with all the laws governing your website and online marketing program. From GDPR and CCPA to PCI and WCAG, we know compliance regulations inside and out and can guide your company in how to comply with the applicable policies and rules.

For more information read the Website Compliance Primer in the Tips and Resources section of our website.


Contact us at info@nulltenrec.com or 888-983-6732. We’d love to help you and your organization.

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