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As the world has been forced to adjust to the new reality of social distancing and shelter-at-home, every business has been impacted in some form or another. Many organizations that are in the practice of advising others have begun assembling Coronavirus and CARES Act Resource Center pages to provide their clients with the information they might need to navigate the current crisis. 

In times such as these, information is changing quickly and updates need to be posted to reflect these changes. A dedicated resource center provides visitors with a centralized location to access all of the relevant information that they may need to know. 

This could be a collection of content that has been produced by your own organization on the topic at hand. Or it could be an aggregation of useful resources that have been produced both internally and externally that are of potential importance to your visitors and clients. 

Other information that could be added to this section include:

  • Contact information of the individual(s) at your organization who are authorities on the topic
  • Times and dates of upcoming webinars on the subject
  • Newsletter sign-up forms
  • Interactive maps  

Feel free to browse some of the examples of Coronavirus Resource Center below:


The following examples display content that spans multiple practice groups and content types.


These sites have organized their content by practice group so visitors can quickly find the content that is most relevant to their interests


Related professionals can be displayed in a text list, as part of a larger page, or a dedicated page with thumbnails and contact information


And finally, some firms have created interactive maps to provide detailed information about developments in every state and country

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