Tenrec’s Managed Hosting Services

At Tenrec we provide our own breed of managed hosting services to our clients. We actively monitor and manage your entire website infrastructure from the code that makes up your site to the connection between your website and the Internet. If anything breaks within that continuum, the server’s RAM chip, a hard drive, the web server software, the database connection and beyond, we will fix it. And most of the time, we’ll fix it before you ever noticed anything was broken.

Why Five 9s is better than Four

With our hosting services, speed, reliability,stability and security are our primary goals. To meet those goals we have built a server environment that takes the worry out of website hosting. Our servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art datacenter. Some of the benefits of this datacenter are:

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Compliance solutions for PCI, HIPAA and other standards
  • Redundant Perimeter Firewalls
  • Redundant Power and Internet Connectivity

We have redundant web and database servers and use a F5 load balancer to manage and direct your traffic to the best, most available server. In the event that one server fails for any reason, traffic is redirected to the second server and your site stays up.

We have also installed packet level security software that will detect and prevent more than 400 malware attacks on your site. Lastly, we have two separate monitoring systems in place to alert us whenever a problem does occur. If your site goes dark for any reason, our engineers will know about it immediately. It is this architecture and our care and upkeep of it that gives Tenrec the ability to promise our clients the rarely achieved 99.999% uptime.

Accelerate and Protect your Site with our Content Delivery Network

To maximize the speed, reliability and security of your site, we connect the websites we host to our content delivery network (known as CDN). A CDN is a worldwide network of servers that replicates and distributes data (i.e. your website) to decrease the latency of online resources (i.e. the time it takes any one user to get your content or load a web page). Put more simply, Tenrec’s CDN copies your site across dozens of servers so that traffic to the servers hosting your site doesn’t ever slow the site down. With our CDN in place, the websites we host can handle significant spikes in traffic without slowing down a beat.

As an added benefit, the distribution of your site across Tenrec’s CDN provides an added layer of security and redundancy in the event of a security breach or natural disaster. If the source (i.e. origin) servers hosting our clients’ websites are unavailable for any reason, your website will still be live to the world because the CDN will continue to serve content from its cache throughout the outage.