Just Update Your Password, Please

Logins and Passwords are the key to many critical systems that we use every day. A password breach can spell disaster for you or, worst case, your entire workplace. In addition to utilizing security features like two-factor authentication, a great way to keep yourself safe is maintaining secure passwords.

Some questions to consider are:

Do you update your passwords on a regular basis?

System administrators can build in policies to enforce password updates on a regular basis but that isn’t always possible. National Password Day suggests updating your passwords at least once a year but changing them more frequently is a best practice.

Are your passwords sufficiently complex?

Are your passwords securely stored? A great way to maintain strong passwords is to use a tool like Keeper or 1Password. These products allow you to generate and store complex passwords without having to remember them. Passwords are retrieved as needed using an app or browser extension.

Are you monitoring your accounts and passwords for breaches?

Have I Been Pwned (hacker speak for “owned”) is a service that maintains details regarding worldwide security breaches. You provide them with your email address and they notify you if your data has been involved in existing or new breaches.

Additionally, there are a few tools that will monitor your passwords to ensure that they were not included in a known breach:

  • Keeper BreachWatch – This feature of the Keeper password storage tool compares your stored passwords with password lists available to hackers for “brute force” password attacks.
  • Password Checkup by Google – Similar to the Keeper tool, this browser extension compares your passwords to known leaked passwords in real time when you log in to websites.

We’ll continue to update this password-focused Tenrec Tech Tips post throughout the coming month so be sure to check back for more suggestions and resources!