Our Services Include

Managed Hosting

All our service plan packages include advanced website hosting services. We offer top-of-the-line managed, secure and redundant hosting of websites, applications and databases for our clients.


Keeping your site and data secure is our top priority. Just some of our security measures include TLS encryption; geo-diverse, 24/7 site monitoring; redundant servers; web application firewalls and a global content delivery network.


WordPress is the world’s leading website management platform. Tenrec provides design, development and maintenance for your WordPress site or application.

Custom Site Management Tools

For customized CMS projects, we use Darwin Site Manager, a web application platform built by Tenrec using Microsoft’s .NET framework. Darwin offers businesses advanced features like document generation, data management and content report creation.

Web Development

At the core of our services is web development and programming. Our team has decades of experience working at all levels of the web ‘stack’ and thrives on solving complex problems.

Consulting & Planning

Every project benefits from a well-crafted plan. We put our experience and processes to work to implement your vision. From idea generation and conceptual design to documentation and test plans, Tenrec executive team can help your project be a success.

UX/UI & Web Design

User experience is central to your websites, mobile applications and digital marketing programs. Our design team will create a look and feel that engages your audience and keeps them coming back.

Systems Integration

The websites of today are online marketing hubs connecting social media channels, blogs, CRM tools, and other internal and external data sources. Tenrec will develop, document, and maintain your website’s integration points.

SEO/PPC/Email/Social Campaign Management

Building an audience is essential to your digital marketing plan. We provide integration and implementation services for all kinds of online engagement campaigns.

Infographics & Data Visualization

Do you have content or information that belongs in an infographic? Our team designs and produces beautiful data-driven graphics for our clients.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We deliver continuous and comprehensive, cross-browser, multi-device testing for your website and web applications.

Site Localization & Translation

Are you marketing to English and non-English speaking audiences? Tenrec provides a full-range of site localization services.